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May 18 2015

Dear affiliates,

This week we have AVN winner and world-class hottie Skin Diamond in a multi-part bondage and rough sex (BaRS) show. This was recorded LIVE in front of our interactive audience of longtime fans. If you're looking for a top name to promote, she's the one.

Don't forget to add [your_NATS_code] to the links below.

Best regards,
Marketing & Affiliate Manager
Skype: pockitintersec


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Galleries have 16 images. RSS feeds fixed.
May 11 2015

Dear affiliates,

Zip files for free hosted galleries now contain 16 images per update. The files are maximum of 800 pixels to allow faster loading. Full-size images are more like 1200 pixels, and you can grab 10 of those from the customer-facing updates page.

The full newsletter, including links and zip files, can be found inside Go to the bottom of your Dashboard and find the Kinkster Cash News section.

Our RSS feeds are fixed, and we are catching up on the the feed content. Only Hardtied is up to date. Content from the rest...
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Galleries and stats bug fix.
May 4 2015

Dear affiliates,

You might notice a decrease in your join hits. This does not affect sales or conversion ratio.

We had an error on our join pages for a long time, causing join hits to be double counted. For every one customer who landed on the join page, we counted two clicks.

Here is the breakdown of what the stats mean in Kinstercash:

Raw was the number of times when a surfer came to a Kinkstercash page. This can be repeated. We are counting clicks instead of people.

Unq was the number of surfers who came to a...
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Galleries and special-edition content.
April 28 2015

As you may know, our original company name was Insex. Some of our most sought-after content is from the Insex days. We are starting to re-issue that content approximately every month or two months at Infernal Restraints. This month's Infernal Restraints bonus update is a BDSM classic featuring Marina and PD. If you want to promote this special-edition video, you might also promote these others, which are either old content or in the style of the old content.



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